Carolyn Crafer acupuncture in Canterbury
Carolyn Crafer acupuncture in Canterbury
Carolyn Crafer Acupuncture
Carolyn Crafer Acupuncture

Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are increasingly common in our troubled times.  They can manifest in many ways, from IBS to migraines and tension in the neck, shoulders and jaw, obsessive thoughts or behaviours, or more generalised low-grade anxieties.


Whilst not being able to remove problems, acupuncture is excellent at calming the nervous system and relaxing the body and mind, and offers a real solution to 21st century issues.


Using an combination of acupuncture, massage and Reiki we can bring about positive changes to both mind, body and spirit in a safe and healing way.



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You can reach me on:

07866 756471

01227 728672


Carolyn Crafer Acupuncture

43 Orchard Street




Also at:  

Littlebourne Surgery

Court Hill



  • back problems, joints and arthritis
  • IBS and digestion
  • skin disorders
  • asthma and respiratory conditions
  • nerve pain
  • fertility
  • high blood pressure
  • migraines
  • stress
  • menopausal symptoms
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