Carolyn Crafer acupuncture in Canterbury
Carolyn Crafer acupuncture in Canterbury
Carolyn Crafer Acupuncture
Carolyn Crafer Acupuncture

Canterbury's leading Acupuncturist


Acupuncture is fast becoming one of the most popular ways of easing pain and discomfort from illnesses and symptoms, including headaches, joint pain, backache and stress.

At Carolyn Crafer Acupuncture, I specialise in comprehensive acupuncture consultation and treatment, taking time to understand your health and condition and suggest solutions accordingly.


Promoting a relaxing, comfortable and friendly environment, I treat a wide range of problems for people of all ages. My youngest patient is 5 months and my oldest 92!


Call me today on 07866 756471 to discuss your condition and potential treatment options and arrange your first appointment at your convenience. Or email your enquiry to:

Arthritis,  Back Pain,  Sciatica,  Neck and Shoulder problems,  Knee Pain,  Infertility Issues, male and female,  Respiratory problems, Migraines and Headaches,  Stress and Anxiety,  IBS and Digestive Disorders,  High Blood Pressure and Chloresterol problems, Menstrual and Menopausal Symptoms, Skin disorders and Cosmetic/Facial Rejuvenation.



 43 Orchard Street, Canterbury CT2 8AP

Bridge Health Centre, Patrixbourne Road CT4 5BL

07866 756471

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