Carolyn Crafer acupuncture in Canterbury
Carolyn Crafer acupuncture in Canterbury
Carolyn Crafer Acupuncture
Carolyn Crafer Acupuncture

Acupuncture is increasingly used by couples dealing with problems of fertility or to support IVF treatment.  Indeed, many private fertility clinics recommend a course of acupuncture before embarking on IVF.


It is extremely helfpul in dealing with menstrual irregularities, but also with unexplained infertility, where nothing seems to be wrong.  It can help with stress and emotional issues that are often present due to fertility problems, and also before and during IVF, which can be a challenging time.


Men with low sperm count or poor sperm motility can also benefit.


There are now many research papers proving the efficacy of acupuncture in assisting with infertility.  I have worked extensively with fertility issues, initially at a private fertility clinic in London, since then in Canterbury, and have been on many training courses to update my skills in this constantly changing area.

"I started seeing Carolyn in March 2015, following 2 years trying to conceive, and following a miscarriage.  I attended weekly sessions for several months.  Carolyn was very calm, reassuring and knowledgeable, and performed acupuncture on me to help my body recover and to hopefully assist in a new conception.


I was very lucky to conceive again two months later, and I attribute the acupuncture to helping me produce a successful pregnancy.  Nine months later our beautiful daughter was born.


I thank Carolyn wholeheartedly for her support in assisting us to acheive our dream of becoming parents."  Jo

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