Carolyn Crafer acupuncture in Canterbury
Carolyn Crafer acupuncture in Canterbury
Carolyn Crafer Acupuncture
Carolyn Crafer Acupuncture

                  Long Covid



Having had Covid myself, I fully understand many of the problems associated with long Covid.  Acupuncture has always been used to heal post-viral symptoms, with great success, and is now being used worldwide to help with the many unpleasant and debilitating effects of long Covid.  


It is particularly useful because it treats both physical and emotional issues simultaneously.  I have attended several webinars recently to add to my skills, and can help with all the major symptoms, ie fatigue, breathlessness, anxiety and depression, palpitations, chest pain, joint or muscle pain, and brain fog.  Also many others such as loss of taste or smell, hearing issues such as tinnitus, etc..


You will usually see a difference after the first treatment, and after several should be well on the way back to good health.





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